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Go to the Custom Classic Science Fiction List Builder to create your own list of classic science fiction books and stories. However, if you want to understand why we’re offering this list builder and how it works, read about how we create our lists for this site:

Our book lists are based on having a minimum of 10 recommending citations.

Our short story lists are based on having a minimum of 5 recommending citations.

You can use our data and set your own minimums, date ranges, sorting order, or scope. For example, you want to know the best books and short stories of the 1980s set the start year for 1980 and the end year at 1989.

A minimum citation of 1 will get you all the data, which makes for long lists. We often feel our lists are still too long and should have upped our minimums. With our database query system, you can set your parameters.

We plan to improve and expand this system. Let us know what you think at classicsofsciencefiction at outlook dot com.